Best underwater hydrophones for your survey

Do you set to carry out some underwater seismic survey? Then you are aware of a plethora of hidden pitfalls marine investigations are associated with. The good news is that you can now avoid the vast majority of them using game-changing EGL devices. We are committed to helping you detect even the slightest pressure changes in the underwater environment by coming up with high-performance hydrophones for sale. Our products are suitable for acquisition of marine data through all stages of your transition zone survey.

In the simplest terms, an EGL measuring hydrophone instrument is a device that works by detecting pressure and sound changes in oceans, seas, rivers, as well as other bodies of water. Based on the piezoelectric effect, it then converts these changes into electrical signals using a transducer so that you receive accurate seismic data.

Buy hydrophones from EGL and use them as you wish

All EGL devices feature unique designs which make them suitable not only for marine but also field applications. What is more, they can be arranged together to create an array and act as a more powerful receiving unit. You will benefit from such a combined arrangement if you need to focus on sound signals from a particular direction while suppressing pressure waves from other ones. When being put in arrays, our hydrophones can record even low-frequency sounds. To make your seismic survey hassle-free, we can customize our underwater measuring devices. When placing your order, let us know your desired cable length and connector type. Once we are aware of what you need, you can be sure to end up with products which will exceed your expectations.

Neither a wide range of applications nor customization options make our devices costly. At EGL, you can purchase geophysical equipment at a fraction of what other suppliers charge. Drop us a line and enjoy the most reasonable hydrophone prices!