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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EGL
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: YH-3000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
MQQ: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Credit Card
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs/month
Product Description

Miniature Hydrophone YH-3000 Hydrophone 1Hz to 10KHz Product Overview


The Miniature Hydrophone YH-3000 is a high-performance acoustic sensor that is widely used in seismic industry for various applications. It can be deployed in ocean bottom cables, nodal systems and borehole seismic survey to measure the sound pressure waves generated by seismic sources and reflected by subsurface structures.


The YH-3000 Hydrophone has a compact and robust design, with a diameter of only 25 mm and a length of 76 mm. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials and can withstand high pressure and temperature conditions. The maximum working depth for YH-3000 Hydrophone is 3,000 meters, which covers most of the offshore exploration areas.


The YH-3000 Hydrophone has a broad and flat frequency response, ranging from 1Hz to 10kHz, with a sensitivity of -200 dB re 1V/μPa. It has a low noise level and a high dynamic range, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the seismic data. The YH-3000 Hydrophone has a low impedance output, which can be easily connected to various recording systems.


The YH-3000 Hydrophone is a reliable and cost-effective solution for seismic industry, as it can provide high-quality acoustic measurements in different environments and scenarios. It is suitable for both passive and active seismic surveys, such as microseismic monitoring, vertical seismic profiling, marine seismic reflection, and seismic tomography.


Miniature Hydrophone YH-3000 is a versatile and reliable product that is suitable for a wide range of underwater applications. With its advanced technology and durable design, it is the perfect tool for water research, ocean exploration, underwater monitoring, and marine life observation.



  • Product Name: YH-3000 Hydrophone

  • Connector: No

  • Working Depth: 3000 Meters

  • Cable Length: 0.5 Meters

  • Usage: Underwater Monitoring

  • Waterproof Rating: IP68

  • Hydrophone: Miniature Hydrophone

  • Frequency Range: 1Hz to 10KHz

  • Housing Material: PU


YH-3000 Miniature Hydrophone 1Hz to 10KHz with 0.5 meter cable and terminated without connector .


TypeYH-3000 Hydrophone
Frequency Response1 Hz to 10 kHz
Sensitivity (dBv re 1uPa @20℃ )(±1.5 dB)-200
Sensitivity (V/Bar @20℃ )10
Capacitance(nF @20℃ )12
Test @20°C
Working Depth (meters)3000
Operation Temperature-30℃ to 100℃
Cable LengthAs per client’s requirements
Connector TypeAs per client’s requirements
Unit Length76mm
Unit Diameter25mm
Warranty Period1 year (Exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.)

All parameters specified here in are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃ .