EGL is a professional geophone manufacturer from China.
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EGL – Your reliable supplier of geological exploration equipment

Welcome to EGL – the company that aims to make a difference in the field of near-surface investigation and geophysical surveying! Over the last years, we’ve managed to build strong partner relationships with big-name businesses all over the globe. As of now, EGL is already trusted by world-known companies specializing in geophysical resource identification. We have the reputation that stands for the superior quality of our products. Thus, if you are eager to make use of everything the Earth has to offer, our geological exploration equipment is all you need.

Gas and oil exploration equipment is available here

The varied range of our products includes hydrophones, connectors, geophysical cables, and geophones, including the latest three-component models. All these can be used as equipment for oil exploration. Since they are designed to withstand harsh conditions and serve you for a long time, our geophysical tools can be successfully applied in onshore as well as marine environments.

Even if some part of your oil or gas exploration equipment breaks down due to the heavy use, you will not have to deal with other contractors to get it replaced. At EGL, we put your needs first and offer quality spare parts, seismic cables, and telemetry units at reasonable prices. To make sure they will perfectly fit your equipment, you can get specifications when making your order.

Improve your seismic oil exploration with EGL

With our equipment, you can implement all techniques of reflection seismology to reveal what is hidden in the outer layers of the Earth. Our geophones can be used as sensors analyzing seismic waves which you send deep beneath the surface. They will provide you with the data helping you to locate gas and oil reservoirs accurately.

EGL will make geophysical surveying easier for you! Contact us to find out what equipment will be your best option!