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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EGL
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: EPS-2-M6Q
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MQQ: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Credit Card
Supply Ability: 200 pcs/month
Product Description

Digital 3C geophone EPS-2-M6Q portable micro-power seismograph

EPS-2-M6Q portable micro-power seismograph is a broadband , low-cost, micro-power seismograph. No need to lock the pendulum, no need to adjust the position of the pendulum, the transfer function is very stable, small size, easy to install and use, power consumption is less than 300mW digital seismograph. Built-in three-component seismic sensor, high-sensitivity Beidou+GPS module, electronic compass, attitude sensor, Bluetooth module and rechargeable lithium battery, it can work continuously for more than 20 days without any external power supply. It can realize timed start-up collection, and timed shutdown after collection; it can also be collected continuously; it adopts multiple interactive working methods such as USB, RS232, Bluetooth, etc.; data is automatically stored locally; it has the characteristics of Beidou+GPS timing and geographic location positioning. It is very suitable for unattended long-term timing detection, wideband seismic observation in the field, and natural micro-motion surface wave detection. Its high frequency reaches more than 200Hz, which can meet the needs of artificial seismic sounding and transient surface wave exploration.

The seismometer of EPS-2-M6Q portable micro-power broadband seismograph uses low-frequency moving coil transducer and electronic feedback technology. Its electronic circuit board includes electronic feedback circuit, acquisition control module, communication interaction module, DC power conversion module, etc.; The technical indicators are stable and superior.

Main function

■Traditional seismic exploration, seismic station prediction system

■Transient multi-spot Rayleigh wave exploration

■Civil work quality test

■Field long-time tremor measurement

■Blasting vibration monitoring


Seismic monitoring system

Fixed and mobile seismic stations

3D seismic observation

Deep seismic exploration

Foundation Engineering

Foundation or subgrade survey for hollowing

Division of rock formation and cover layer

Rock formation division and disease geological body survey

Research on the embedded depth, shape and distribution rule of the basal layer

Seismic exploration for hydraulic and power engineering projects.

Dams hazard detection

Earlier stage geological survey for hydraulic engineering projects

Riverway and reservoir sediment measurement and discharge effect inspection

Bridge works detection

Bridge foundation inspection

Bridge pier and building pile foundation detection

High-rise building and bridge vibration detection

Digital 3C geophone EPS-2-M6Q portable micro-power seismograph







5 s ~ 200 Hz

Self-noise level

The entire frequency band is lower than the NHNM curve; 0.5Hz ~ 1Hz is lower than the NLNM curve;

Time stability

5 × 10-7 s

Number of channels

3-component geophone

Amplitude consistency between channels


Phase difference between channels


Crosstalk suppression between channels


Lateral vibration suppression

Better than 0.1%

Power consumption

Autonomous working mode < 0.2w
Bluetooth working mode < 0.3w

Sampling Rate

50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000

Lowest parasitic resonance frequency


Calibration method

Square wave calibration

External power supply

5V~12V, Single power supply (charging)

Status Display


Internal GPS & BDS


Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ )

0℃ ~ +55℃

Autonomous working time

> 20 days continuous without external power

Dynamic Range


Storage Capacity

32GB(Pluggable TF card for expansion to 64GB or larger TF card)

Data Format

MiniSeed(Can be converted to formats such as SAC)

Interactive interface

Bluetooth、USB2.0 and RS232

Water Proof

Protection in 1m water depth


Φ140mm × 170 mm



Warranty Period


All parameters specified here in are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃ .