Get equipped with EGL geophone cables for exceptional service

When it comes to geophysical surveying, the reliability and performance of your equipment should be always put first. That’s what we provide you with at EGL, one of the world’s leading geophone cables suppliers. We realize the needs of seismic contractors and place our primary emphasis on meeting them fully by introducing a line of tried-and-tested parts for geophysical equipment.

Here you can find a range of geophone seismic cables which feature various configurations and share the unparalleled level of quality. Depending on the type of working conditions you are dealing with, you may want to benefit from telemetry, extension, and resistivity cables found in our catalog. We’ve got all you need to carry out geophysical investigations in harsh desert terrains, polar regions, marine environments, and urban field conditions.

Advantages of EGL geophysical cables

It’s not another geophone parts that we produce at EGL. We supply you with top-notch improvements for your equipment which are designed to make your geophysical project hassle-free.

Why you should choose us

Here is what you can expect from our products:

o    high reliability that accounts for successful geophysical surveys;

o    immense durability for the continued use under harsh field conditions;

o    top quality which is backed up by the adherence to the strictest control systems;

o    reasonable prices that allow you to stock up on many geophone parts without paying too much.

Before buying a seismic cable, we recommend you to take a careful look at its specifications. Feel free to read the part’s description to find out its connector type, length, diameter, and such technical details as operating temperature and tensile strength.

No matter what type of cables you buy from EGL, we vouch for its excellent performance. All our geophone parts are produced using quality materials and designed to complement your equipment.

Contact us to find out our cable prices and place your order.