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EGL is a professional geophone manufacturer from China.
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EGL – your trusted geophone supplier for more than two decades

A geophone is a tiny sensor used to measure seismic activity by converting ground movement into voltage. Why do we need that? Because the nature of the initial signal is analog which means that computers cannot read it. What geophone does is converts the data into the digital format which electronic machines can easily process. EGL Equipment Services Co, Ltd offers high-quality geophones for sale at competitive prices to clients from all over the globe.

How does a geophone work?

The device consists of a mass that hangs on a set of springs. The mass is surrounded by a magnet inserted into the Earth. The ground movements at frequencies less than the resonance frequency cause the suspended mass to move too. The movement of the mass causes the magnetic field to produce the electrical voltage in the wire wrapped around the mass. The response of the magnet is proportional to the ground velocity. The geophone then amplifies and records the voltage.

Geophones can have scientific and industrial application. The device is widely used by seismologists and geologists to detect seismic activity, predict earthquakes, analyze the movements of tectonic plates, and to study soil. Geophones are also utilized by oil, gas, mining, and security companies.

Why you should choose us

EGL is one of the leading seismic geophone manufacturers in the world. We have been in this business for more than 20 years and have gained a lot of loyal clients who keep returning to us over and over again. All of our products have passed rigorous quality control. In our catalog, you can find everything you need including seismic geophone cables and spare parts. EGL delivers worldwide by sea, air, and courier. If you want to place an order or have any questions regarding seismic geophone or accelerometer prices, please contact us at any time.